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Bauhaus (1979 -1983), Vol. 1
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Release date: 1985

Release date: 14 Songs, 54 Minutes

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EDITORSÂ’ NOTES As one of the founders of the U.K. Goth Rock movement, this Northampton, England ensemble created and refined a sound and aesthetic that continues to influence bands several decades later. This collection draws primarily from the band's first two albums - 1980's In the Flat Field and 1981's Mask - with additional stray tracks from EPs, singles and a live version of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" from their 1982 Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape release. From the opening punk attack of "Double Dare" the band's signature sound is loaded and in place. Peter Murphy's vampiric vocal terrors, guitarist Daniel Ash's cold, relentless, discordant guitar riffs and the robotic, unyielding rhythm pump make a definitive statement throughout, whether it's their jaunty cover of Marc Bolan's "Telegram Sam" or the steely creep of "Stigmata Martyr," the art school shades of "A God In An Alcove," or the punk thrall of "In the Flat Field." Like Gang of Four without the socialism or Joy Division without the despair, Bauhaus took the early '80s on their own terms. This is a great introduction."